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Bio-tech Laundry Spray 250mL

Bio-tech Laundry Spray 250mL

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Do you want to wash a delicate garment? Does that tablecloth have an indelible stain? Our Laundry Spray is the ideal product to eradicate the most difficult odors and stains, and treat the most delicate garments.
Wash and remove stains from your clothes without spending a single liter of water. Save those ideas to the dry cleaner and treat your most delicate garments at home:

  • Thanks to its biotechnological formulation that sanitizes fabrics, removes stains and breaks down molecules that cause bad odors, it leaves any garment clean and fresh.
  • Eliminates more than 35 different odors and stains (wine, grease, sweat, humidity).
  • Use it as a pre-treatment before doing laundry.
  • It allows you to save water and energy without compromising the level of cleaning you need.
  • Suitable for most fabrics (leather, wool, cotton, polyester, denim, and silk), except suede.
  • Use it to remove stains and treat bags, shoes, coats, bedding and whites.
  • Formulated with natural compounds that are kind to your clothes and the environment.
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